Häusler Contemporary



»Alles Papier!«
Opening: November 6, 2014

Exhibition until January 17, 2015

Häusler Contemporary München unites works on paper to an exciting group exhibition that focuses on colorful painterly aspects on one hand and on graphic elements on the other hand. We are delighted to present artists from our program and guests. Besides Reto Boller, Hubert Kiecol, Gary Kuehn, Judy Ledgerwood, Koka Ramishvili or Erwin Redl we show seldom seen works by Jessica Diamond, Ryan Brown or Larry Bell.

Contemporary art knows diverse manifestations of work on paper: it can be glued, sprayed, cut, painted or also printed. It sometimes serves as experimental ground and thus as prestage, sometimes it forms an enclosed and representative entity on its own. The exhibition focuses on two specific types of works on paper which are opposed and at the same time complementary to each other: the linear geometrical version and its painterly colorful counterpart.

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