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»And The Stars Look Very Different Today« | Group Show

»And The Stars Look Very Different Today« | Group Show

»And The Stars Look Very Different Today« * | The art of 1968 and beyond
Opening: Thursday, August 30, 2018 | 5 – 8 pm
The Zurich Galleries’ Season Opening
Exhibition until November 3, 2018

With workd by Jan Dibbets | Harriet KormanGary Kuehn | Barry Le Va | Richard Allen Morris | Klaus RinkeKeith Sonnier | Bob Stanley | Michael Venezia | Peter Young

On the occasion of the 1968 movement’s anniversary, Häusler Contemporary Zürich is pleased to highlight the art of that time which has always been our gallery’s foundation. In the 1960s, new tendencies like Process Art, Conceptual Art, but also Pop Art were established and were to become seminal for the generations to follow. With selected guests and gallery artists we revive the innovative vigor of art around 1968 and the spirit of that time.

The year 1968 is having its 50th anniversary. In the collective memory, this year is related to fundamental social change with left-social protests and the hippie movement. In fact, at that time topics and tendencies culminated that had begun throughout the 1960s and lasted well into the 1970s.

Art too was undergoing decisive changes back then: new tendencies, such as post-minimalism, process and conceptual art, which our gallery represents, focused on a new, integrative and ephemeral understanding of art and on resistance to rigid, authoritarian forms. At the same time, in the 1960s Pop Art came to full fruition, further softening the traditional boundary between «high» and «low art». This mood of renewal, this «state of change», which dominated art before and after 1968, can be experienced in our exhibition of important protagonists of those days.

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*from: David Bowie, »Space Oddity«, 1969