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    1957 born in Vienna, AT
    lives and works in Vienna, AT

    The main theme of Brigitte Kowanz’ works is the different visual forms which light can take. In addition to language, she uses light as an artistic means, capturing it in containers, distributing it over planes or forcing it into solid formations so that it is constantly taking on new shapes. Light thus becomes both a material and a metaphor in her search for new forms in which to represent visible reality.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2012)
    »Transformations« | group show Munich | 2018
    »Codes and Cables« | solo show Munich | 2017

    »Keep at it« | solo show Lustenau | 2016
    »To Sophie, Sonia, Elsa, Hannah…« |  group show Zurich | 2016
    »Dots and Dashes« | solo show Zurich | 2014
    »Sweet Home – Reloaded« | group show Munich | 2013
    »What Next« | solo show Munich | 2012

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