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    David Reed, »#658 (Vice and Reflection)«, 1975/2016 | acrylic on polyester | 189.2 x 459.7 cm

    David Reed, »#485«, 2000-2002 | oil and alkyd on linen| 81.3 x 284.5 cm | photo: Mischa Scherrer


    1946 born in San Diego, CA, USA
    lives and works in New York, USA

    David Reed is one of today’s most renowned abstract painters. In 1971 Reed settled in New York where he studied painting at the New York Studio School and familiarised himself with the great tradition of Abstract Expressionism on the one hand, and the minimalist and post-minimalist movements on the other. His work was soon to be inspired by film and new media as well as his ongoing interest in light and colour phenomena of earlier periods. Challenging the eye of the beholder, Reed’s dynamic constellations never cease to open up new pictorial spaces: the energetic and singular gesture brushstroke of former works progressively condenses into structures of lines, waves or loops that often seem like edits from some other context, called into offer counterpoint in new visual arrangement.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2012)
    »Trouvailles« | joint exhibition with Richard Allen Morris, Zurich | 2017
    »energy : analog« | group show Lustenau | 2016/2017

    »From the Studio« | joint exhibition with Richard Allen Morris, Munich | 2016
    Collector’s Choice Andy Jllien »My Shoes Are Your Shoes« | group show Zurich | 2015
    »Sie griff in den Tomatensalat und schob sich ein Stück Rot in den Mund« | group show Munich | 2014
    »Paintings 1997 – 2013« | solo show Lustenau | 2013/2014
    »Recent Paintings« | solo show Zurich | 2013
    »Temperamente auf Papier II« | group show Zurich | 2013
    »New York Painting« | group show Munich | 2012

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