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    1943 born in Los Angeles, US
    lives and works in Arizona, US

    James Turrell, one of the most famous representatives of the international art scene, engages in all his works with the many and varied appearances of natural and artificial light. Turrell pushes at the borders of perception: his installations and environments make it possible to experience light as an artistic medium. The rooms are not lit in the traditional sense, rather they are filled with light and colour. In such light spaces the architecture seems dematerialised – plane, colour and space interact so that the viewer is immersed in a mysterious painterly world. The timelessness and fascination of his works are due mainly on the fact that Turrell succeeds in allowing us to experience light directly as a form of reality, without the use of symbolism or pictorial representation.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2013)
    »Sloan Red« | cabinet presentation Zurich | 2018
    »The Elliptical Glass« | solo show Zurich | 2018
    »A Line Between the Morning Sun and the Evening Sun« | anniversary group show Zurich | 2017
    »Alien Exam | Aten Reign« | solo show Munich | 2017

    Collector’s Choice: »Ordnung und Farbe | Ein Dialog mit der Sammlung Günter Hackenberg« | group show Munich | 2016
    Collector’s Choice: Andy Jllien »My Shoes Are Your Shoes« | group show Zurich | 2015
    »From the Guggenheim« | solo show Zurich | 2015
    »Tall Glass« | Einzelausstellung Lustenau | 2013/2014

    »Projections 1968« | solo show Munich | 2013

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