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  • Kyung-Lim Lee

    1957 born in Seoul, Korea
    lives and works in Oxford, US

    In her masterfully nuanced drawings, Kyung-Lim Lee unites geometric abstraction with a sensual, even mythical radiance. Her compositions made of geometric forms are sometimes reminiscent of astronomical phenomena, sometimes of landscapes, and yet they seem to hint at something different, something absolute. Kyung-Lim Lee’s works are based on mental meditations on only ten selected Chinese characters. In the course of a multi-stage thinking process, the artist thus develops her very own »sign language« that visualizes geometry as something primal and transcendental. Such understanding of geometric abstraction puts Kyung-Lim Lee in close relation to famous names of classic modern art.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2015)
    »To Sophie, Sonia, Elsa, Hannah…« | group show Zurich | 2016
    »Echo of Geometry« | solo show Munich | 2015

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