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    Michael Venezia, »Untitled ATI«, 1973 | oil based metalized powders on canvas | 12 x 236.8 cm

    Michael Venezia, »Untitled R78A«, 1978 | oil based metalized powder on canvas | 6.9 x 304.9 cm


    1935 born in Brooklyn, New York, US
    lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, US, and Trevi, IT

    Michael Venezia is widely considered to have played a major role in the renewal of painting in the 1960s. Back then, together with artist colleagues such as Dan Flavin, Robert Ryman, or Sol LeWitt, Venezia shared the opinion that routine and narcissism had become predominant in Abstract Expressionism, tendencies which they aimed to overcome and transcend. At the end of the 1960s Michael Venezia thus discovered the spray-paint gun as an adequate means to leave behind the gestural and handwritten touch of the brushstroke. Another important step was the reduction of the picture plane to a long narrow wooden bar. Until today, Venezia has remained faithful to this image format on which – by applying new techniques and combining several bars – he continues to achieve new and surprising painterly qualities.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2013)
    »And The Stars Look Very Different Today« | group show, Zurich | 2018
    »1967 | Spray Paintings« | solo show Lustenau | 2017

    »Energie : analog« | group show Lustenau | 2016/2017
    Collector’s Choice »Ordnung und Farbe | Ein Dialog mit der Sammlung Günter Hackenberg« | group show Munich | 2016
    »Another Spray« | group show Zurich | 2016
    »Versions« | solo show Zurich | 2016
    Collector’s Choice Andy Jllien »My Shoes Are Your Shoes« | group show Zurich | 2015
    »Brooklyn Variations« | solo show Munich | 2014
    »Sie griff in den Tomatensalat und schob sich ein Stück Rot in den Mund« | group show Munich | 2014
    »Stop Looking, Start Finding | Malerei 1970 – 2013« | solo show Zurich | 2013

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