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    1962 born in Boulogne-Billancourt, FR
    lives and works in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, AT

    Sébastien de Ganay’s work purposely occupies a place in between the usual artistic genres in order to question perceptual processes and categorizations in general. With his Braille pieces, the dot paintings or the carton and furniture objects – again and again de Ganay pushes the boundaries of picture, relief and sculpture. The artist often operates with geometrically based structures that he connects with influences from the world of everyday objects. The works resulting from this practice appear familiar and abstract at the same time and they playfully seduce the viewer to mentally participate.
    In a refreshingly relaxed manner, yet always precisely conceived and pointed, Sébastien de Ganay incorporates in his work the sensual and the minimalist, the representational and the abstract, the everyday and the exclusive. This makes him one of today’s most original representatives of experimental painting and sculpture.

    Exhibitions at Häusler Contemporary’s (since 2013)
    »Space on the Move« | solo show Zurich | 2016

    Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach | solo booth with Häusler Contemporary | 2015
    »Fold« | solo show Munich | 2015
    »Verkehrte Welt« | group show Zurich | 2015
    »Sweet Home« | group show Munich | 2013
    »Das kleine Schwarze« | group show Munich | 2013

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