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Brigitte Kowanz »Codes and Cables«

Brigitte Kowanz »Codes and Cables«

Brigitte Kowanz »Codes and Cables«
Opening: Frieday, September 8, 2017 | 6 pm| »OPEN art« weekend
with book launch of Kowanz’ Venice Biennial catalogue presented by Holger Liebs, chief editor Hatje Cantz
Exhibition until October 27, 2017

»Wahrnehmung ist Übersetzung, Kunst ist Transformation – ein Wechselspiel aus Zeigen und Imaginieren, bei dem zugleich auch die Kriterien und Prämissen dieser Erfahrung transparent werden.« Brigitte Kowanz

Häusler Contemporary München proudly presents new light works by Brigitte Kowanz whose installation for the Austrian Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennial gets a lot of attention. The works presented in our show reference the work series that the artist developed for Venice by taking up its key theme, the phenomenon of digitalization, and connecting it to the political steps towards today’s Europe.

Brigitte Kowanz (*1957, Vienna, lives in Vienna) who officially presents Austria at this year’s Venice Biennial ranges among the most renowned international artists with her genuine light works. She visualizes light as an independent phenomenon that does not just illuminate, but that – similar to language – transfers information and generates meaning. Ever since the 1980s the artist has been combining light and language or linguistic codes, to reveal the complex entanglements of vision and comprehension, of perception and cognition.

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