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Claudine Humblet »Post-minimalisme et Anti-Form«

Claudine Humblet »Post-minimalisme et Anti-Form«


Claudine Humblet, »Post-minimalisme et Anti-Form: dépassent de l’esthétique minimale«
With texts on Keith Sonnier, Gary Kuehn, Bill Bollinger, a.o.
Skira editore, 2016
295 pages (French)
ISBN 978-88-572-3047-4
EUR 59.00

A new and extensive depiction of post minimal art.

The term »post minimalism« was coined by the art historian and art crtitic Robert Pincus-Witten. He thus characterized the work by Eva Hess who examined the specific qualities of new materials. Basically, this new art movement was motivated by a group of artists who, as Robert Morris put it in his essay »Anti Form« (in: »Artforum, April 1968), turned away from primary structures in order to retain the essentials of Jackson Pollock’s and Morris Louis’ approach.

In this new volume, Claudine Humblet presents the work of Eva Hesse, Keith Sonnier, Gary Kuehn, Lynda Benglis, Bill Bollinger, Alan Saret, Alice Adams, and Richard Serra. They all stand in their own individual way for a spirit of time that turns towards a sinuous and audacious modernity, producing sculptures in time and space that are sometimes ephemeral but always original and expressive.