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Gary Kuehn at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Gary Kuehn at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Gary Kuehn
»Between Sex and Geometry«
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll

Opening: Thursday, September 18, 2014
Exhibition until January 25, 2015

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is dedicating the first ever comprehensive retrospective to Gary Kuehn (b. in Plainfield, New Jersey, in 1939), one of the outstanding sculptors of late 1960s’ Postminimalism.

In 1966, the year he exhibited his Melt Pieces group for the first time at the legendary Bianchini Gallery in New York, he noted the following in his sketchbook: »Butter in the sun. What could be more fatal?« In essence, these words embody one of Kuehn’s guiding principles: processuality. In his early work, Kuehn rebelled against the authority of the strict, rigid form of dominant Minimalism. Like ice cubes or butter, the ideal cuboids seem to be melting. Physical processes, often combined with the influence of outside forces, transform intact geometric forms, with Kuehn experimenting with a wide range of different materials (tar, fibreglass, latex, metal, wood) and an incredible breadth of creative possibilities. The basic form remaining untouched, deformations and changes become visible, giving rise to a narrative, metaphorical element. It is the tension between opposites, strength and weakness, rigidity and flexibility, hardness and softness, solidity and fluidity, that pervade the oeuvre and raise one of the core issues of human existence: the question of limitation and freedom. In 2000, Gary Kuehn made a note that his work lies »somewhere between sex and geometry.«