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»Gary Kuehn: Black Paintings«

»Gary Kuehn: Black Paintings«

Cover: »Gary Kuehn: Black Paintings«

»Gary Kuehn: Black Paintings«
Artist Books Peter Zimmermann
Ed. Häusler Contemporary München | Zürich, 2016
With a text by Gary Kuehn
30 pages (english)
EUR 8.00 | CHF 10.00

This artist book is published on the occasion of Gary Kuehn‘s »Black Paintings« presentation at Häusler Contemporary München. It documents the impact of this major work series within Gary Kuehn’s oeuvre and its evolution from the beginnings until this day.

The series began in 1969 and continues to this day. These powerful works reveal a sculptural approach to painting in which the canvas is treated as a »container to be filled in a procedural way« (Kuehn). Just as in Kuehn’s sculptures, a focal accent lies on the physical nature of materials. The artist points out that these works are »made rather than painted,« and that they originate from the chosen material’s inherent qualities.

Save the Date: the artist book will first be presented at this year’s Art Cologne:
Gary Kuehn in conversation with Christiane Meyer-Stoll (Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein) | Friday, April 13, 2016 | Art Cologne Talk program