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Gary Kuehn at Galerie Stadpark, Krems (AT)

Gary Kuehn at Galerie Stadpark, Krems (AT)

Gary Kuehn

Installation view »Intrinsic« | photo: Stefan Lux

»Intrinsic« Werner Feiersinger | Gary Kuehn
Galerie Stadtpark, Krems (AT)
Opening: Friday, October 20, 2017, 6:30 pm
With a speech by David Komary, director and curatorof Galerie Stadtpark
Exhibition until December 2, 2017

The exhibition »Intrinsic« juxtaposes two sculptural practices that ostensibly have a reduced, even minimalist formal language, but on closer inspection create a tension or even a contradiction to Minimalism and Constructivism. The works of Werner Feiersinger and Gary Kuehn are characterized, albeit in very different ways, by subtle infiltration of the premises of minimalism – be it the ideal of pure geometric form (basic form), the lack of reference or avoidance of expression, narrativity and metaphor. The works of the two artists are not determined by an intrinsic form principle that urges for appearance, but by an intrinsic moment of disturbance and the irritation of formal sovereignty and unity.

(Excerpt from the indroductory text by David Komary, Galerie Stadpark)