Häusler Contemporary

Häusler Contemporary at abc | Solo Show Roman Signer

Häusler Contemporary at abc | Solo Show Roman Signer

Häusler Contemporary at abc | art berlin contemporary
Roman Signer | Solo Show
September 15 – 19, 2016

Häusler Contemporary Munich | Zurich shows a solo presentation by the well-known Swiss artist Roman Signer. A new, large-scale object and selected photographs of his events give a fresh insight into the artist’s innovative approach towards sculpture.

The central piece, the sculpture »Hose« from 2015, is a wooden cabin with a metal tube split in two ways attached on eye-level and an opened door for visitors to look inside. On the cabin floor are two piles of sand – the result of pouring sand into the upper opening of the »Hose«. The sculpture formulates a unique metaphor for an overall relationship between space and time. This presentation is accompanied by selected photographs from the last 40 years, like the black-and-white photography »Kabine (Venedig)« from 1999, which was made for the Swiss Pavilion at the 48th Venice Biennial. Additional small-format works testify to the genuine inventiveness of Roman Signers oeuvre. In declaring time and movement to be sculptural elements, he has made a significant contribution to a redefinition of the genre and has created a body of work that is of high relevance for contemporary sculpture today.