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Hamish Fulton »Indoors Outside«

Hamish Fulton »Indoors Outside«

Hamish Fulton »Indoors Outside«
Opening: Thursday, November 12, 2015, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition until January 30, 2016

»I walk on the land to be woven into nature… .« 
Hamish Fulton

Häusler Contemporary Zurich proudly presents the unique art of «Walking Artist» Hamish Fulton in an exhibition of a retrospective character. With a specific selection of rarely shown elder and recent works, the artist draws attention to the value of a contemplative experience of nature that has become rare in our today’s society.

By titling his exhibition «Indoors Outside», British «Walking Artist» Hamish Fulton (*1946, London, lives in Canterbury, GB) points to a fundamental antagonism that defines life in our technological and consumerist society like never before. «Indoors» has become the normal everyday surroundings, whereas «outside» has become a mere and unnoticed way station for many of us.

With untiring consistency, Hamish Fulton opposes this fact with his art that venerates «walking on the world» as an active and decelerating perception of nature.

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