Häusler Contemporary

Hamish Fulton | Plaza Design Wankdorf City, Bern (CH), 2015

Hamish Fulton | Plaza Design Wankdorf City, Bern (CH), 2015

Hamish Fulton
»9 Cast Iron Walk Texts For Nine Walks On Switzerland 1984 – 2014. Installed 2015«
Permanent Installation, Rosalia-Wenger-Platz, Wankdorf City, Bern (CH)
Executed by Andreas Geser Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich

For Rosalia-Wenger-square located on the new Wankdorf City area near Bern (CH), British »Walking Artist« Hamish Fulton conceived a unique design concept. The project was realized in close cooperation with Häusler Contemporary and Andreas Geser Landscape Architects.

Hamish Fulton’s draft for Rosalia-Wenger-square is based on nine walks that the artist has made on Switzerland between 1986 and 2014. Each walk now is visualized on the square in a short text sequence. Cast in iron and combined with footprints, the several letterings are united in a spiral – a very old form that appears in nature for example in air currents, vortexes or snail shells and that also has been part of human art ever since the ancient world. The spiral stands for centering and development, it indicates directions and is a symbol for travelling. The work by Hamish Fulton that is set into the asphalt of the square also marks a path of its own.