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Hamish Fulton »Walking without a Smartphone«

Hamish Fulton »Walking without a Smartphone«

Hamish Fulton »Walking without a Smartphone«
Exhibition February 9 – March 31, 2017 | extended until April 28, 2017

»Big experiences, small art. I reject all associations with any form of Land Art.«
Hamish Fulton

Häusler Contemporary München is pleased to announce a solo show of British artist Hamish Fulton entitled »Walking without a Smartphone«. Specifically for our gallery, the artist conceived a selection of works on paper, sculptures and a new wall work. He thus again documents his status as a representative of an artistic concept that focuses on an active perception of walking.

In today’s society we cannot imagine to live without a smartphone anymore. The small multifunctional device is our permanent companion. Usually it is also the means by which we (assumedly) explore the world, be it by envisioning remote countries on the smartphone’s display or by taking »selfies« with its camera, always and everywhere. It almost seems as if our attention was only directed at the pictures that we take of places instead of at the cities and landscapes themselves.

The exhibition title »Walking without a Smartphone« proclaims an attitude, that opposes the complete dedication to virtual space with conscious and physical perception of the environment. Hamish Fulton’s art is based on this attitude: Since 1967 he has been spinning an invisible net of steps on various countries in numerous conceptually based »walks«. His experiences of motion and landscape are subsequently transformed into visual artworks.

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