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James Turrell | Ganzfeld »APANI«

James Turrell | Ganzfeld »APANI«

James Turrell
Ganzfeld »APANI«, 2011
Biennale di Venezia

James Turrell`s Ganzfeld »APANI« was specifically designed for the Arsenale venue in Venice on the occasion of Biennale Arte 2011 on a surface of over 120 qm.

The series of »Ganzfeld Pieces« by James Turrell consists of seemingly boundless atmospheric spaces of colour and light. Two usually distinct spaces – the so-called »viewing space« and »sensing space« – become one, allowing visitors to experience a perfect integration of inside and outside space, of reality and art. Visitors are physically immersed in a constantly changing play of light whose source remains hidden. The perceived boundaries of the space turn out to be an illusion. Through this liminal experience of visual perception, the act of seeing becomes a holistic emotional sensation.