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James Turrell | New Installation at Children’s Hospital Zurich (CH)

James Turrell | New Installation at Children’s Hospital Zurich (CH)

James Turrell, New »Curved Elliptical Glass« | Permanente Installation
University Children’s Hospital Zurich (CH)
Opening: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | 6 – 8 pm
Opening hours: on Sundays, 1 – 5 pm | March 25 – September 30

James Turrell (*1943, Los Angeles, lives in Flagstaff, US) is one of the most important international artists of our time. He dedicates his entire work to light and its spatial manifestations. People from different cultures are fascinated by his installations.
The new work from the »Curved Glass« type – assuming for the first time a horizontal elliptical shape – was specially created for the University Children’s Hospital Zurich. The brightly colored aperture appears unfathomable between plane, volume and infinite depth. The view loses itself in the barely noticeably changing color moods which follow a detailed program and which could just as well be complementary contrasts and afterimages that the eye generates itself. As always with Turrell you are confronted with the act of seeing itself and with the phenomenon of light, which suddenly has its own physique.
(From the work description, Deborah Keller, Häusler Contemporary)

In dealing with particularly stressful situations, patients, relatives and often also employees of the children’s hospital need special support. James Turrrell’s new pavilion makes a visible contribution to this […]. The »Light Space«, which is designed to meet the needs of the Children’s Hospital, provides space for rest and inspiration, joy and happiness, but also grief and comfort.
(From the Children’s Hospital’s press release)

Photos: Florian Holzherr