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James Turrell »Skyspace Lech« (AT)

James Turrell »Skyspace Lech« (AT)

James Turrell »Skyspace Lech«
Permanent Installation | Lech am Arlberg (AT)
Opening: Monday, September 17, 2018

For the Skyspace-Lech located in the high mountains, James Turrell selected the location »Tannegg« in Oberlech at 1780 meters above sea level. A hiking trail leads to the small hill above the mountain station of the Schlosskopfbahn all year. Additionally, it is also easily accessible from the ski slope.

The sketches of the artist show a building predominantly located underground, that integrates itself in the landscape seamlessly. The main room is equipped with a circumferential bench and opens up for an open view to the sky. The entrance occurs through a 15 meters long tunnel. The location possesses a fascinating sight axis between the prominent Biberkopf summit and the village Bürstegg on the one hand and the Omeshorn on the other hand.

The Horizon Field association facilitated the project which was accompanied by Häusler Contemporary.
Photo: Florian Holzherr