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James Turrell | Skyspace »Outside – Insight« | Järna, 2011

James Turrell | Skyspace »Outside – Insight« | Järna, 2011

James Turrell,
Skyspace »Outside – Insight«, Järna, 2011
Project coordination by Häusler Contemporary

SEE! COLOUR! was the title of James Turrell`s solo exhibition at the cultural center »Kulturhuset« in Järna (SE) in 2012. For this occasion, the artist has designed Scandinavia’s first and the world’s northernmost Skyspace, the only Skyspace built with a wood exterior. The inside of the Skyspace consists of a white painted domed ceiling with an aperture to the open sky. During the transition from twilight to full night, lighting elements, programmed to change in intensity and hue, illuminate the inside walls of the Skyspace, creating a changing perception of sky as space, form, object, and void. A similar happening occurs during sunrise.

Skyspace »Outside – Insight«, Järna 2011