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Judy Ledgerwood »Lose Loos«

Judy Ledgerwood »Lose Loos«

Judy Ledgerwood »Lose Loos«
Opening: Friday, March 27,  2015, 7 pm
Exhibition until September 2015
Summer Break: August 1 – 16, 2015

Ornamental repetition and the distinct sensuousness of color are key elements in the work of American painter Judy Ledgerwood (born 1959 in Brazil, Indiana). Her exhibition at our space in Lustneau featuring works from the past ten years in diverse techniques celebrates color and ornamentation. Ledgerwood’s work thus appears as an antithesis to the programmatic paper «Ornament and Crime» wirtten more than a hundred years ago by Adolf Loos. In his text, the famous architect outlined the ornament as something primitive and unworthy of the modern age.

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