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»Jürgen Partenheimer: Gespräche und andere Texte«

»Jürgen Partenheimer: Gespräche und andere Texte«

Jürgen Partenheimer

»Jürgen Partenheimer: Gespräche mit Alexander Kluge, Jan Thorn-Prikker und andere Texte«
With texts by Robert Burnside, Robert Creeley, Rudi Fuchs, Zhou Guoping, Jan Hoet, Petra-Maria Meyer, Ivo Mesquita, Klaus Schrenk, Carla Schulz-Hoffmann, José Angel Valente as well as conversations by Alexander Kluge and Jan Thorn-Prikker
Ed. Häusler Contemporary München
176 p. (German/English) with 67 mostly colored illustrations
ISBN 978-3-86442-205-8
EUR 29,80

Jürgen Partenheimer (born 1947 in Munich) has become known for his lyrical intensity that he combines with the constructive elements of Minimal Art. More than 20 years ago, »Die Zeit« named him a literary traveler and called him a »poet of subtle nuances, of delicate lines and tones«.

The fragility of the works, which stems from the stroke, stands explicitly for their symbolism, but also for the artistic approach of measuring and mapping with critical awareness the ever-new free space of art and its practice.

This volume is particularly valuable through the reprinting of many historically important, but no longer available texts, such as those by Jan Hoet and Rudi Fuchs, or talks with Jan Thorn-Prikker and Alexander Kluge. This book celebrates Jürgen Partenheimer as an important contemporary artist who has always remained faithful to his goal of being a representative of a subjective abstraction

(Excerpt from Snoeck’s press release)