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Keith Sonnier »Cannes Series & Selected Works«

Keith Sonnier »Cannes Series & Selected Works«

Keith Sonnier »Cannes Series & Selected Works«
Openign: Thursday, November 22, 2012, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition until March 2, 2013

With the exhibition «Cannes Series and Selected Works», Häusler Contemporary Zürich hosts the first extensive presentation of the «Cannes» series by internationally acclaimed light artist
Keith Sonnier.

A cycle of five light objects from 2008, the «Cannes» works proceed from the wall into the environing space with the formal freedom and energy that characterises the artist’s formal vocabulary. Evolving on the conceptual backdrop of Mediterranean savoir vivre, they evoke associations to sculptural light and water features. Sonnier develops his light objects from extended series of drawings and formal studies. In the «Cannes» works he arranged coloured light tubes in a seemingly free gesture as loops and lines into compact yet diaphanous formal structures. Similarly virtuosic are the «Chandeliers» (2006), two of which are hanging from the ceiling in our exhibition and which pointedly illustrate the ornamental character of ancient chandeliers in a modern formal language. In contrast to these stand two plain wall pieces made of glass from the beginning of the 1990ies. Their surfaces reflect the «Cannes’» works colourful play of light thus creating an exciting dialogue of materials. Along with the «Buffalo» from the «Herd Series» of 2007 our exhibition makes clear how skilful Sonnier handles abstractionas well as the allusion to figuration.

A brochure will accompany the exhibition.