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Keith Sonnier at Parrish Art Museum, Long Island, NY (US)

Keith Sonnier at Parrish Art Museum, Long Island, NY (US)

Keith Sonnier, Parrish Art Museum

Keith Sonnier »Until Today« | Ausstellungsansicht Parrish Art Museum, 2018

Keith Sonnier »Until Today«
Parrish Art Museum, Long Island, NY (US)
July 1, 2018 – January 27, 2018

Keith Sonnier came of artistic age in the 1960s, part of a group of artists who created sculpture by experimenting with materials and techniques outside traditional art materials and forms. Sonnier, now recognized as one of America’s most influential artists, was one of the first to incorporate light in sculpture—an innovation that forms the foundation of all his subsequent work. Sonnier, who lived and worked in Bridgehampton, Long Island, for more than two decades, has enjoyed broad exhibition exposure and critical attention to his work in Europe. However he has not had a substantial survey exhibition in a major American museum, nor has there been a significant publication addressing his career, his place in contemporary art history, and his contributions to the field. The exhibition is organized by Parrish guest curator Jeffrey Grove, who will also author the fully illustrated catalogue.

A limited edition piece by Keith Sonnier titled »Looped Grid« is available at Art+Culture Projects by clicking here. Proceeds support the exhibition at the Parrish.