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Koka Ramishvili »Déplacement«

Koka Ramishvili »Déplacement«

Koka Ramisvhili »Déplacement«, Buchumschlag

»Koka Ramishvili – Déplacement«
With texts by Joerg Bader, Viktor Misiano, Karine Tissot

Hg. Centre de la photographie Genève, Joerg Bader, Dijon: Les Presses du réel, 2015.
120 p. (French/English)
ISBN 978-2-9701014-0-6
CHF 20.00

First extensive monograph of Koka Ramishvili’s work.
At the same time, it „is the first time, Editions Centre de la photographie Genève are publishing a monograph by an artist whose work is composed not only of photographs, but whose corpus also includes video, drawing, watercolour, animation, installation and painting. […] Koka Ramihsvili’s artistic work involves constant questioning of the mediums he uses, referring them to one another. Painting questions video and photography, photography questions its “mediumistic” past, the production of drawing becomes a videographic narrative, and so on.”
(Excerpt from the preface by the editor)