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Michael Venezia at Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg (DE)

Michael Venezia at Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg (DE)


»Ansichtssache. Wie Bilder werden« | Group Show with Michael Venezia
Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg (DE)
Opening: October 14, 2018 | 11 am
Exhibition until January 13, 2019

In times of globalization and digitization, our lives, work and communication are changing rapidly and in a sustainable way. With the omnipresent digital image production and reproduction, especially in social networks, our handling and perception of images is constantly changing. Never before were the visual impressions, pictorial worlds and pictorial contexts before our eyes so diverse and at the same time so fleeting. If art serves as a mirror of time, then it is not surprising that artists examine the changes in the appearance and perception of images.

The exhibition »Point of View. How Images Become« unites works that proactively demonstrate the constitution and transformation of art images – and thus explore the present. They point to their making, reveal different views or temporary states and thus shift the visible from the level of being to the level of becoming. At the same time, the observer’s gaze, his perception and importance in the genesis of images is challenged. After all, when a shift in statically determined (pictorial) forms has taken place in art, a firmly determined perception of art is called into question. Change is omnipresent – in our everyday life as well as in art. To look at it means to discover something new – seeing depends on one’s point of view!

Participating artists: Michał Budny | Jana Gunstheimer | Tobias Heine | Martina Klein | Joseph Marioni | Anne Römpp |  Michael Venezia | Thomas Wachholz | Jan Wawrzyniak | Katharina Anna Wieser