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Richard Allen Morris | David Reed »From the Studio«

Richard Allen Morris | David Reed »From the Studio«

Richard Allen Morris | David Reed »From the Studio«
Exhibition  April 7 – May 6, 2016

»I learned it takes at least one artist to share your work with or art will die in a vacuum.«
John Baldessari

Häusler Contemporary Munich proudly presents painters Richard Allen Morris and David Reed in their first joint exhibition. The works selected for »From the Studio« reflect the mostly invisible conditions of art making using the example of two contrasting artistic practices.

David Reed and Richard Allen Morris’ works and methods are opposed in many ways but based on similar questions. Furthermore, the two artists are friends and have been exchanging ideas about their own art and art in general over many years. As the title of our show indicates and the occasion of this special »tête à tête« we wish to focus on such aspects that lie beyond the work itself and in the artist’s studio – a private place that is still perceived as somewhat »mystical« by the wide public, where either careful drafting or impulsive creating, selecting and separating takes place. Not everything that is produced in the studio finds its way into the gallery space, as various stages of decision making that accompany the development of a work are not meant for the public eye.

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