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Roman Signer »Works with Sand«

Roman Signer »Works with Sand«

Roman Signer »Arbeiten mit Sand«
November 9, 2016 – January 13, 2017
Christmas Holidays from December 24, 2016 – January 9, 2017

»You can see that often in my works, that I actually leave the final shaping to a force of nature.« Roman Signer *

Häusler Contemporary München is pleased to announce its third solo exhibition of Swiss artist Roman Signer. We show a thematic selection of works which all are based on the medium of sand. Besides photographs of Signer’s »time sculptures« we exclusively present a remake of his »Sandinstallation« of 2007 as well as the new sculpture »Hose«.

Sand is the media of temporality. Tracks in the sand are blown away by wind or flattened by water, and the hourglass is one of the most poignant symbols for the passing of time. No wonder, therefore, that Roman Signer (*1938, Appenzell, CH, lives in St.Gall, CH) repeatedly uses the stony grain for his artistic actions. He is one of art’s protagonists who established aspects such as movement, change and fugacity as integral part of sculpture from the 1970s onwards. With his unique »time sculptures«, Signer made an essential contribution to a new understanding of art. Häusler Contemporary München’s thematic exhibition is dedicated to this important aspect of Roman Signer’s oeuvre: for the first time, we focus on works in which the material sand plays a main role.

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* From: cat. Kunstmuseum St.Gallen | KINDL Berlin, 2014, p. 118