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Roman Signer »Reisen«

Roman Signer »Reisen«

Roman Signer »Reisen«
Opening: Thursday, June 29, 2017 | 6 – 8 pm
with an introduction by Stephan Kunz, director of Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur
Exhibition until July 28, 2017

»Wir beschlossen, Polen zu bereisen. Kreuz und quer… Wir haben uns gesagt, die Strasse soll unsere Universität sein.« Roman Signer

Just before the holiday season starts, Häusler Contemporary proudly presents a selection of Roman Signer’s «Reisefotos (Travel Photographs)». The unconventional images that he has been creating ever since the late 1970s and in parallel with his famous «time sculptures» were first shown to the public in 2006. They reflect the sculptor’s sight on everyday objects which thus unfold their poetic, sculptural and often humorous potential.

Today, Roman Signer (*1938, Appenzell, CH, lives in St.Gallen, CH) ranges among the most renowned contemporary Swiss Artists. With his ephemeral «time sculptures» that are sometimes explosive and risky he substantially contributed to the renewal of the notion of «sculpture» since the 1970s. Rather unknown for a long time though were his «Reisefotos». The artist has been creating these images for more than 35 years in parallel to his plastic work. They reveal the surprising sculptural qualities that everyday things can adopt when seen from a sculptor’s point of view.

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