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»Sébastien de Ganay: Transposition and Reproduction«

»Sébastien de Ganay: Transposition and Reproduction«

Sébastien de Ganay

»Sébastien de Ganay: Transposition and Reproduction | A Gothic Context«
With texts by Florian Steininger, Max Henry and Jeanette Zwingenberger as well as an interview between Sébastien de Ganay and Benedikt Ledebur
Ed. Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Department Art and Culture, Bieldefeld: Kerber, 2017
304 pages (German/English)
ISBN 978-3-7356-0223-7
EUR 38.00 (CHF 46.50)

A folded post-it turns into a cool wall objet, an altar candle into a monumental wax sculpture; nested cardboard boxes become an aluminum chair: The minimalist objects of Sébastien de Ganay operate across the boundaries of established genres. The artist creates precise works that seem familiar yet highly abstract and may even be full of humor in their contextual shifts. De Ganay explores the lines between everyday objects, pictures, reliefs, and sculptures, questioning the way these are interpreted and thus encouraging viewers to think and interact.

This publication gives an overview of Sébastien de Ganay’s intellectual and creative work since the 1980s. It runs the gamut from figurative painting to his experimental use of painting materials in images, to wall works and spatial objects and collaborations with other artists, all the way to his most recent in-situ installations at the Dominican Church in Krems, a deconsecrated space that the artist explores with great finesse and precision.