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Jürgen Partenheimer »Metaphysics«

Jürgen Partenheimer »Metaphysics«


Jürgen Partenheimer »Metaphysics«
Opening: Friday, September 25, 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition extended until April 1, 2016

»The abstract image is a form of eidetic thinking enhanced by true sensation.«
Jürgen Partenheimer

With his abstract poetic works, Jürgen Partenheimer ranks among the seminal postitions of contemporary art. In our exhibition space at «be Lustenau» he presents selected paintings, drawings and sculptures of the past fifteen yearas.

The philosophical discipline of «Metaphysics» seeks for coherences behind the tangible appearance of our world. By choosing this term to title his exhibition in our gallery space at «be» in Lustenau, Jürgen Partenheimer points out that abstract art is not to be understood as self-referential. It rather reveals the potential to visualize the nonrepresentable and thus to create spaces of thought. His works seem to follow their own legitimacy whereby form and colour tone in his works consolidate to a contentual and emblematic pictorial language of allusion. The paintings, drawings and sculptures selected for the presentation in Lustenau illustrate this unique approach, which Partenheimer also defined as «metaphysical realism».

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